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 2013-01-10 -> 2013-03-13] Loading Screen Contest: Maintenance Secrets

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BeitragThema: 2013-01-10 -> 2013-03-13] Loading Screen Contest: Maintenance Secrets   Do Jan 10 2013, 14:16

We invite you to participate in this new Loading Screen Contest! From 10/01/13 00:01 to 10/03/13 23:59 you have the chance to create and send in your Loading Screen Ideas with the theme:

Maintenance Secrets - MvPs untroubled!

When the Player is out of the house, the MvPs dance on the tables! What do you think our beloved MvP Monsters are doing in that looooong time every thursday when noone is hunting them? Do they hunt each other? Do they play cards? Do they take a nap? Does Amon Ra get out of his throne for a second?! We don't know, but we hope you will find some funny ideas and show them to us by sending in beautiful Loading Screens for this contest!

Gravity Europe Staff and the Event Team will choose 5 winners whose loading screens will be used as new loading screens ingame!

Rule n°1: Theme

Theme of the contest : Maintenance Secrets - MvPs untroubled!

Rule n°2: Terms of submission of your loading screens
Inscription : You may post your loading screens from 10/01/2013 till 10/03/2013 23:59, appropriate to the theme.
Confirmation: You have to send a copy of your contest submission to Community / Contest > General questions about the Community and Contests application in the FAQ, mentioning your account ID.
Selection of winners: As soon as the submission deadline is arrived, 5 winners will be chosen by Gravity Europe and the Event Team.
The winners will be announced soon after the end of the contest and the loading screens will be added to the client by a patch later on.
Rule n°3: Format of the loading screens
1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high.
Format JPEG (.jpg).
Rule n°4: Content of the loading screens
You have the right to use official illustrations (like the ones in the fan-site kit), screenshots or own creations (drawings).
The content of the loading screen has to respect the theme of the contest, but the details (monsters, classes, etc.) can be chosen by each participant's pleasure.
The logo of Ragnarök Online has to appear on the loading screen of the participants (It's inside the Fankit).
Using other peoples creations, plagiarism and or copying will lead to disqualification.
Attention : Only the drawings realized by the author of the loading screen will be accepted, except for official illustrations.
Every reutilization of a drawing realized by a third person will cause the disqualification of the player, including the case of having the authorization of that person.
Collaborations (works realized by more than one player) won't be accepted in the context of this contest, but can be send in by one member of the group who will receive the reward in case of winning.
The team of Gravity Europe reserve the right to withdraw every loading screen not respecting the rules, and that at every moment of the contest.
Rule n°5: Prizes

Each winner will receive:
1 Currently Available iShop Headgear of player's choice
3 iShop Boxes of player's choice
500 Karats
Rule n°6: Criteria of the selection

The criteria for deciding the winners are based on the following :
Interpretation of the theme
The composition
The attractiveness of the theme
The originality
In case of an original creation:
The creativity of the drawing (uniqe style)
The quality of handling the image (color, placement, etc)
Ragnarok Online Fan-Kit Download: Click!

Please note that an author is able to join the contest as many times as he wishes.

Good luck for this contest to everyone !


Die schwärzeste aller Seelen ist die, die am
hellsten erstrahlt, wenn sie Schmerzen erfährt! Die hasserfüllteste
Seele ist die, die sich nicht mehr wehren kann! Beide Seelen sind tot!
Sterben müssen wir alle, doch die Art, auf die wir sterben, bestimmen wir selbst!
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2013-01-10 -> 2013-03-13] Loading Screen Contest: Maintenance Secrets
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